We cannot remain indifferent when our neighbor is at war.
Children, women - innocent citizens die there. The war in Ukraine is terrible, the independent country is being destroyed before our eyes!.
Every voluntary contribution counts, Ukraine needs our help !!


Stunt Grand Prix® in Bydgoszcz - Poland

Stunt Grand Prix® is organized in Bydgoszcz, with the direct support of the city authorities. A Unique World Championship event was created with great determination of Organizers. Bydgoszcz is a thriving metropolitan area , where the authorities promote culture and sport . Our city has excellent geographical location combined with modern transport infrastructure and it is a very attractive place for tourists . This Year Bydgoszcz is celebrating its 670 Anniversary. More about the City of Bydgoszcz HERE https://goo.gl/HojTXE

Stunt Grand Prix Location