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Flying Kangaroo by Norito Teruya at StuntGP 2016

Hard stoppie kangaroo crash by japan rider at Stunt GP 2016 in final run. Rider and stunt bike are OK!    

Highlights of StuntGP 2015

Best moments, crashes, some footage from training sport and parking at Stunt Grand Prix 2015 in Poland. Great riders from different countries make awesome stunts.

Best Stunts Compilation StuntGP 2016

Here are best motorcycle stunts from semi-final and final runs at Stunt Grand Prix 2016 in Poland. We made this compilation without music to show the highest level in stunt riding. Top riders are so fast and skilled, so we didn’t cut separate stunts and includ whole series.  

Best Fails Сompilation StuntGP 2015

Best Fails Сompilation Stunt Grand Prix 2015 😉

Irmantas Jasevicius – Lithuania

Irmantas shows sickest muscle tricks on Stunt Grand Prix 2015 (World Championship) Irmantas FB:…

TOP10 Best Motorcycle Stunts StuntGP 2015

Best stunt tricks on motorcycles at Stunt Grand Prix 2015 in Poland from best world riders. We chose newest and most individual tricks! 1) Arunas Aras Gubueza – kangaroo 360 (kawasaki ninja ZX636 03-04)

Arūnas Gibieža – Lithuania – Stunt GP 2015

Great semi final run by Aras at StuntGP 2015. After this run Aras had problem with back and had to withdraw from the competition. No doubt he is one of the best riders in the world! Aras FB:

Romain Jeandrot – France – Stunt GP 2015

Very energetic and individual final run by great famous French rider. Romain FB:

Carlos Ociras – Portugal – 2015 Stunt GP

Final run by portugal rider Carlos Ociras at Stunt Grand Prix 2015. Carlos FB:

Best of Stunt GP 2014

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